Oral Acne

Lets take a closer look at oral acne medication

Accutane is one of the many acne medications prescribed by doctors. Its reported side effects include liver damage, suicidal thoughts, bone degeneration, and even hair loss. Hardly worth the risk, don’t ya think?

What about oral acne antibiotics?

acutaneSurely they are useful, right? WRONG! They do more harm than good. Antibiotics are not selective about what bacteria they kill. They wipe out billions of very important bacteria that live inside your digestive system. Once these good bacteria are wiped out, it’s an open invitation for worms and other parasites to breed inside your digestive tract. Antibiotics depress the immune system instead of strengthening it, like nature would have you do.

“Unfortunately, we have reached a time where, what is best for the patient, is no longer the issue.” Dr. Ronald Drucker

Did you know? The human digestive system contains BILLIONS of living bacteria. They live in harmony with us and serve many functions. They stop bad bacteria from getting out of control. They produce thousands of enzymes that are ESSENTIAL to all body systems. In fact a highly active eco-system exists inside your digestive system which you could not live without.

Here is an interesting quote from a famous book about Antibiotics:

“Simply put, antibiotics are poisons that are used to kill bacteria. Certainly, many people have benefited from using them. However, if bacteria were the only organisms that antibiotics killed, much of this book would be unnecessary. In fact, I contend that poisons that kill small organisms in small doses — can also kill big organisms. You, my friend, are a big organism.” Doug Kaufman – The Fungus Link

Acne medication

STEP 1 – The BIG problem with modern acne medication

Oftentimes, prescription acne medication can multiply the problem rather than solve it. People scratch their heads and wonder why this is so. The reason is simple. Acne medicine is not designed to heal or cure, but only to hide away the symptoms for a short while. What is the difference between hiding a symptom and actually treating the cause of the problem? A very BIG one. But to understand this, you must first understand what a symptom is.

Symptoms are a message being sent to you, by your body.

A symptom (such as acne) is a signal from the body that indicates the existence of an underlying problem. The appearance of a symptom, in this case, acne, is a way of informing the body’s owner (you) that something is wrong deep inside. These symptoms are completely different from the real underlying causes of a problem such as an acne.

So what’s the big deal with hiding away symptoms?

Think of symptoms as your bodies call for help. Now think of acne medication as being a way to make your body SHUTUP with the help of a few nasty chemicals.

This can go on for a while, but you’ll make the real underlying problem even worse, and get the added bonus of a whole new range of problems. Fortunately, nature has provided a real solution that gives the help your body is asking for. We’ll come to that in later steps. First, let’s talk about symptoms and causes some more.

If you’re going to hide away symptoms instead of treating the causes, then you’re never going to get better. There are no two ways about it unless of course, you can bend the laws of nature! If that’s you, then what you still doing here, go do some magic!

Hiding away symptoms just doesn’t make sense, and you shouldn’t need a doctor to explain that to you (after you’ve read this of course). If you still do, then it’s too bad because they won’t! Finish reading this page, and then read it all over again. Maybe that will knock some sense into you!

“We should remember that virtually all prescription drugs do serious damage to the body. With rare exceptions, they should be avoided like the plague.” – Raymond Francis M.Sc.